Russian Man Checks Gas Prices After Western Sanctions, Makes Americans, Europeans Jealous

A man that lives in a Russian city near Georgia (the country in Europe, not the state in America) took a recent trip to multiple gas stations to check the prices. Sanctions against his country are starting to unfold, and it’s interesting to see how the local economy is doing. Here are his findings.
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Photo: Dan Sheekoz on YouTube
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We’re not going to remind you of what’s happening right now in Europe. Everybody knows it and people are entitled to their own opinions on the matter. Instead, we’re going to show you how much gas and diesel cost now in a heavily sanctioned Russia. Don’t forget that in the midst of all these regretful things happening, there are still people that try to live ordinary lives.

Dan Sheekoz is a family vlogger from Russia and has recently started to show how life is now in the Eastern country when it comes to buying goods. With business leaving or shutting down and sanctions in place, his homeland is becoming a rapidly changing environment. But one thing seems to remain relatively stable: the price of gas.

The man goes to three gas stations that are near his home and shows that mobility powered by fossil fuels is still unexpectedly cheap there. That is, of course, when you compare it with what Americans or Europeans are currently paying. Looking at locally available octane levels, the 92 octane gas costs $1.8 (€1.64/£1.36) per gallon or $0.49 (€0.45/£0.37) per liter, the 95 type is $2 (€1.83/£1.51) per gallon or $0.54 (€0.49/£0.41) per liter, while diesel costs just $1.9 (€1.74/£1.32) per gallon or $0.51 (€0.47/£0.39) per liter.

Sheekoz then proceeds to the most expensive gas station near him that’s owned by the second largest company in all of Russia. Here he finds the following: the 92-octane gas costs $1.8 (€1.64/£1.36) per gallon or $0.49 (€0.45/£0.37) per liter, the 95-octane one is $2 (€1.83/£1.51) per gallon or $0.54 (€0.49/£0.41) per liter, the newly found 100-octane gas is $2.3 (€2.1/£1.74) per gallon or $0.62 (€0.57/£0.47) per liter, while diesel costs just $1.9 (€1.74/£1.32) per gallon or $0.51 (€0.47/£0.39) per liter.

The gas prices remain similar for the third station as well.

The values might look extremely low, even if you’re from the U.S. But you ought to keep in mind that Russia comprises 12% of the global oil trade, as the country exports around five million barrels of crude oil every day. This means Russia is the world’s largest exporter and the third-largest producer of petroleum. Naturally, it has enough for domestic consumption. Europe (60%) and China (20%) were its biggest customers up until recently, but the balance may tip in favor of the Asians soon enough.

Moreover, the average monthly salary in Russia is 40,000 Rubles ($416/€380/£314) according to data from 2021.

Finally, keeping in mind that Russia will find itself needing a lot of cash infusion, fuel might soon start to get very expensive there too. In Europe, people are paying up to $8.7 (€7.95/£6.58)for a gallon of gas or up to $2.3 (€2.1/£1.74) per liter, while in the U.S. the average national gasoline cost is situated around $3.83 (€3.50/£2.90) a gallon. With energy costs remaining high, it's no wonder everything is getting more expensive and inflation remains on the rise.

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Editor's note: Exchange rates were correct at the time of writing.

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