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Ferrari Prancing Foal Logo Is Still a Nod to a World War I Ace Pilot

Car logos have long become a symbol of status. All carmakers use them, because people and companies have a soft spot for attesting they belong to something greater, but for some, especially the ones in the business of making products for niche segments, these logos are of particular importance.
Ferrari Prancing Foal 1 photo
Of all the car companies now operating around the world, there is perhaps not one more self-aware than Ferrari. The Italian company has gained a reputation for being unforgiving towards everyone who through thought or action may damage its image. We wonder how would they feel about someone messing around with their precious logo.

The carmaker’s Prancing Horse has been around since the beginning of the brand. It shows a black horse sitting on his hind legs on a yellow background, and for most of us it has come to stand for incredible Italian performance and design.

The horse is supposed to be a nod to an Italian World War I pilot, Francesco Baracca, who used it on his planes while out hunting for enemies. The logo must have helped, because Baracca is credited with 34 aerial wins over the course of the war, before he was brought down by ground fire.

The story goes Enzo Ferrari, while still driving for Alfa Romeo, met Baracca’s parents who suggested to him that a prancing horse painted on his race cars might bring him some luck and race wins. So came to be one of the most recognizable emblems of our time.

In a weird, yet exciting exercise of imagination, the guys over at British leasing startup LeaseFetcher decided to give us a glimpse of a much younger Prancing Horse logo, hence the rendering we have as the main photo of this piece.

We’re shown a foal, or maybe a colt, that unlike the Raging Calf we showed you last week, seems much more at home and in tone with what Ferrari is all about.

We only hope this photo doesn’t get Ferrari’s legal department all fired up.


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