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FCA Says General Motors Committed Corporate Espionage

Over the past few months, both FCA and General Motors have accused one another of breaking all sorts of rules and laws, but now there's a whole new allegation. According to FCA, General Motors has been impersonating former FCA employees to gain insider info to help their case.
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The entire spat seems to date back to an accusation made by General Motors. They say that FCA bribed UAW officials through the use of offshore bank accounts. Of course, FCA and UAW officials have denied this wrongdoing.

While that might sound like a stretch, it's important to consider that in March, FCA admitted to bribing union leaders. At least $3.5 million dollars worth of bribes were uncovered at the time. As a result, General Motors has been seeking damages in the billions of dollars.

That civil suit was recently dismissed as the judge cited a lack of evidence. It sounds like GM might be out there trying to obtain that evidence in a way FCA doesn't like. Tuesday, Stellantis formally accused GM of "corporate espionage."

They say that private investigators hired by General Motors have been trying to confirm the existence of more foreign bank accounts. That would be fine, of course, but the way they're doing that is by sending financial institutions emails as though they're former FCA employees.

FCA's layer Thomas Cranmer said, "The only corporate espionage apparent on the face of GM’s Proposed Second Amended Complaint is that perpetrated by GM and its counsel in retaining private investigators to spoof the 'email addresses' of former FCA employees in emails sent to 'financial institutions' around the globe."

General Motors has addressed that accusation, but not as directly as one might hope. "FCA’s press release and latest court filing misstate the factual allegations set forth in GM’s amended complaint and misrepresent the lawful and proper actions undertaken in an effort to seek redress for the damage caused to it by Defendants’ years-long bribery scheme," a GM spokesperson said in a statement.

Now we wait to see if there are other accusations waiting to come out, or if the case gets rejected altogether.


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