Epic and Silly GSX-R600 Fail and a Lucky Save

Epic motorcycle fail and a lucky save 1 photo
Photo: YouTube capture
The fellow in the video below should sell his Gixxer and get a dirt bike, at least this is the impression we get after watching his recording. It looks like he is so much better at riding off the road than on a sport bike on good asphalt, so maybe it's not too late to make a sudden change of plans, and who knows, maybe become a successful motocross racer or something like that.
At least the rider appears to admit that his skills leave a lot of room for improvement, and does not try to find ludicrous would-be external causes for his mistake. This makes us believe that he's in his right mind and will be more careful when riding, honing his style gradually and staying on the safe side of life, rubber down.

It's more that often when guys who simply suck at riding a motorcycle try to blame it on the road surface, water, oil, potholes that aren't exactly there and cracks in the asphalt, dirt or gravel, and pretty much anything you could imagine.

It's great to see that the chap did not lose his calm and kept a firm grip on the bars, and managed to remain on two wheels after passing from even and clean asphalt to rough, grass-covered terrain and then back on the road. But this was only a lucky call...

He should review this video dozens of time and understand what and when went wrong... and mend his riding style. With such poor turning skills, we don't even want to think about what could happen next time, and maybe at speeds higher than his 67 mph (108 km/h).

The guy was exceptionally lucky that he did not run wide on a two-way road, with traffic approaching from the other direction. Even though the video looks cool on the computer, a head-on collision with a semi would definitely make a poor end for the ride. Also, keep in mind that there is some NSFW language in it.

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