Elon Musk: Tesla Semi Concept Is Finished, Trolls Twitter Users About the Design

Tesla Semi electric truck spotted 1 photo
Photo: u/m_marie8 on Reddit
These days, everything that isn't related to the Model 3 production has to take a back seat in Tesla's pecking order. The company is fully invested in reaching the production target of 5,000 units a week by the end of the year, and given its recent struggles, it needs to put in every available resource to make it happen.
What started as a mere relief action - sending Powerwalls to hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico - has now turned into a massive project that aims to rebuild the country's infrastructure using solar power and battery storage devices, adding to the list of things that can't be postponed.

The Tesla Semi, the company's (and pretty much the world's) first battery-powered heavy hauler was not on that list. Initially scheduled for a late September release and then moved to October 26, it has now been pushed further back to November 16, delaying the moment we get to see what it would look like and what it is capable of.

Elon Musk has kept himself busy hyping the thing up in these past months, saying it'll pull any diesel truck while going uphill in a tug-of-war battle. Well, nobody doubted the torque and power delivery of the Tesla Semi, but were more worried about its range. Reports suggested it wouldn't go over 300 miles, but the company has been awfully quiet about it.

This Friday, however, Musk finally gave us a snippet through one of his usual tweets. After confirming there is a Tesla Semi prototype ready, he was asked to reveal some of the truck's specs. "Semi specs are better than anything I've seen reported so far. Semi eng/design team work is aces, but other needs are greater right now," he said, referring to the Model 3 production and Puerto Rico project.

Musk also tried to be coy about the truck's design in another tweet, but we're not buying it. Next Spaceflight Twitter user said "Well, we already know what it looks like," to which Musk said, "Or do you?" To be fair, he only had two options: say nothing or confirm nothing. He went for the latter, but come November 16, we expect to see the white truck in the picture above under the spotlights.
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