Electra's Dawn and Dusk E-Bikes Depict Two Crucial Moments in a Daily Rider's Lifestyle

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Let's face it, very few of us ride a bicycle to bring home gold medals or stand on some podium. But we still want to stand out, and one team that's been doing this is Trek's off-shoot brand, Electra. Their newest addition to the family? Well, take a look.
Folks, take a nice long look at the two machines in the image gallery. Notice how each element fits perfectly with the others around it. Take in the color tones and palette. Let the balance between light and dark play with your visual cortex. So, who cares that they're step-through frames? These puppies are part of Electra's Artist Series lineup, a range of bikes and e-bikes that see a certain touch, typically brought forth by artists with a kind of pizzaz. Often their color schemes are representative of a region, a way of life, or a culture.

However, a few things set the Dawn and Dusk EVs apart from others from the Electra lineup, the platform it's expressed upon. In this case, the colors and details before us are displayed upon the Loft Go! 7D EQ Step-Thru, so let's start there. We're faced with an aluminum frame built around a steel front fork with 700x40c tires and a lowered top tube that allows you to mount the bike easily. This step-through design also provides easier maneuverability in case of sudden stops.

Now, this thing is an e-bike, and that means a few things. For the 7D EQ lineup, it means a rear-mounted hub motor from an unspecified brand. But, my previous coverage on the 7D EQ bikes has led me to believe that a brand by the name of Hyena is behind the magic. This Taiwanese company is supplying a motor with 250 W of power and a torque output of 40 Nm (29.5 ft-lb). It should be more than enough for your usual city riding and can assist you up to 20 mph (32 kph). After that, you can feel proud that any extra speed is all you need.

Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
But where's the battery? This is part of what I liked about this class of bikes. The battery is beautifully hidden in the down tube, and because the bike has a more relaxed feel to it, that tube works extremely well with the rest of the design. Not too big, not too small, just right. As for how you can ride, Electra showcases a peak range of 40 mi (64 km), but that's in an optimum test setting, so the real number is sure to differ. My own experience with e-bikes has proven that the peak range in a real-world setting is at least 30% less than the number manufacturers often use to entice us. I've even seen this expressed in electric cars too. Think about that for a minute. But, for folks like you and me, riding around on a bike for 25 mi (40 km) a day is a rarity. Now that you know what's hidden under those beautiful paint jobs, let's keep going.

Earlier, I mentioned that Electra's Artist Series are bikes with a certain little something-something, typically expressing an emotion, way of being, or lifestyle. Well, that's true here too, and the Dusk and Dawn represent those moments of the day when riders are typically flocking the streets on their favorite two-wheeler during the morning and night hours.

For example, Dawn, the 7D EQ painted with that orange-pink hue, brings up the same color tone expressed by the morning sun. In perfect balance, cream grips, seats, and walled tires only invite the eyes. The fenders and chainguard depict the scenery where you should be riding this bike, a city. Little sketched buildings can be spotted, looking a whole lot like parts of New York. Raw aluminum also brings a bit of pop and shine to the whole thing.

Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
In contrast, Dusk expresses the nightlife. For this version, the orange and pink hue of the frame is replaced with a color depicting an indigo night sky, while the grips, seat, and tires are now all black. Good thing there are integrated lights in the 7D. Otherwise, you may be causing a few accidents around town. The raw aluminum rims have also been replaced with brushed black ones, further strengthening that whole nighttime feel. As for the fenders and chainguard, the buildings I mentioned earlier are now found in shades of blue and shadowed, and a few windows have turned their lights on. Go ahead, do the same, and hit the streets!

Let's say one of these babies is representative of the time of day you typically hit the streets. If that's the case, you'll probably want to know how much they cost. Well, I can't help you there, not just yet; These bikes aren't yet found on Electra's website. But the standard 7D eq is typically selling for $2,000. So add on a couple hundred more for those spiffy paint jobs, and that's most likely what we're looking at. Which one's your favorite?
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase the Dusk, Dawn, and Loft Go! 7D EQ Step-Thru e-bikes.

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