Electra Hits 2023 With Stylish and Retro Loft Go! E-Bike for the Urban Ladies Among Us

Loft Go! 7D EQ Lineup 10 photos
Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
Loft Go! 7D EQ LineupLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-ThruLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-Thru MotorLoft Go! 7D EQ Step-Thru
One of Trek's offshoot brands, Electra, has recently unveiled a fresh lineup of electrified two-wheelers, the Loft Go! This time around, we'll be getting to know the trinket that's typically destined for the ladies among us. Boys, this one could be for you too, so read up.
If you've heard of Electra before, it's because their classic beach cruiser and retro styling have been seen on American streets since 1995, when they unleashed their first machine. Years later, their trinkets are still filling countless garages, and this crew is still putting out new and fresh versions of our favorite two-wheelers.

For example, the Loft Go! lineup is the freshest this crew has in store for us. You may have already gotten to know the 7D EQ Step-Over from some days ago, but this time around, it's the Step-Thru's turn. Just so you understand what this new class of EVs is all about, let me point out that Electra uses the words "lightweight," "intuitive," and "versatility" to describe what this two-wheeler is all about. Personally, I'd also add affordability to that list because both bikes cruise in with a $2,000 (€1,830 at current exchange rates) price tag.

Now, most often than not, step-through frames are usually accompanied by a female rider, but that's not to say that men can't ride such bikes; there are clear benefits to such a feature. For example, two-wheelers with this styling are often safer to ride because they allow a rider to easily maneuver their legs around the top tube. Easy mounting and dismounting is also part of the mix, and for any ladies wearing a summer dress or skirt... I'll let you fill in those blanks.

Looking closer at the fresh frame, you may notice something weird about the top tube; it's split into two parallel tubes with crossbeams holding them together. This grants the proper stiffness needed for comfort and maneuverability, but also the strength to accommodate heavy electrical components such as a battery array, motor, and wiring. That tube structure also brings a retro feel to the Step-Thru. Then again, so do many other components. The fork has that sort of classic bicycle feel to it too, clearly the seat, handlebars, and those fenders.

Loft Go\! 7D EQ Step\-Thru
Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
Nonetheless, as classy as the new lineup looks, it's all very modern, thanks to electrified power! After all, we live in a modern age, and pretty soon, most people will be riding around on e-bikes. At least, that's the theory and what business analysts are saying.

So, mounted to the rear wheel of the Step-Thru, a 250-watt motor will be assisting your travels with a top speed of up to 20 mph (32 kph), and for those hills you may encounter, 40 Nm (29.5 ft-lb) of torque is there to help out. Considering this bugger can accommodate a cargo rack for carrying goods, the electric power we see should be great for getting around town without a sweat. Speaking of which, you'll be able to ride around for up to 40 miles (64 kilometers). That's under optimum testing conditions, so expect your actual range to be a bit less, especially if you're a little speed demon.

There's just one curiosity I have about the e-system manufacturers that may be at play here: who are they? Electra's website doesn't mention the brand of motor or battery that the Step-Thru may be using. However, previous Electra machines have been calling upon a motor brand by the name of Hyena, and they could very well be at play here too. Heck, even Trek e-bikes can now be spotted with motors other than Bosch, and Hyena is one of them. The battery array will remain a mystery as well until Electra releases some more details.

You know what, I couldn't wait, and after getting in touch with my information middleman, in this case, middle-woman, it was revealed that, yes, Hyena is the manufacturer behind the motor setup.

Loft Go\! 7D EQ Step\-Thru
Photo: Electra Bicycle Company
What does all this mean for you? Imagine that it's Sunday evening, and starting tomorrow, another week of riding to and from work will be part of your itinerary. You charge your machine before heading to bed – I recommend recharging your EVs while awake – and in the morning, everything is ready to go. Since you've opted for the front-mounted cargo rack, bringing along a backpack or briefcase should be a breeze. Heck, on your way home, grab a jug of milk, some eggs, a loaf of bread, and some cold cuts for a sandwich the next day.

Don't worry; 40 miles (64 kilometers) is well within the average range traveled by Americans daily, and that's by car, so have no fear. If you do, bring your charger along to work, and figure things out that way. This also brings me to one possible downside of the new Loft Go! Lineup, the battery is integrated into the down tube, so there is no chance of grabbing another battery for extended range; you and your charger will be joined at the hip.

Once you throw on a 7-speed drivetrain, lights, kickstand, and all the other bits and pieces that make this e-bike what it is, you'll be lugging around 21 kg (46 lb) of aluminum, steel, and lithium. Not so light for a lady to be carrying up a flight of stairs. This one's going to stay locked up outside or in your garage. But, for daily city use, what more could you ask for?
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