Dude, Where's Your Car?

We've all been there, parking your car in an endless sea of vehicles and then looking for it for hours on end all over the vastness of the parking lot. Sometimes you get lucky and find it after a couple of minutes, other times you're forced to roam the vast tarmac space endlessly until, just out of shear luck, you stumble upon it.

That's a lesson learned to hard way for “Dancing with the Stars” pro Mark Ballas. This momo right here has barely got used to fame that he's already pulling funny stunts, and in front of papas no less! Classy.

While happily shopping at a mall in Glendale, California, Mark had no clue of the dangers lurking outside, for trouble had his name that night and was aiming to collect. Only when the dancer came out of the mall did tragedy strike: his car was nowhere to be found! Surely, an evildoer of some sorts must have stolen it! Quick, to the Batmobile! But first call the parking lot attendants with their flashlights.

Mark called the people in charge of the parking, kicking and screaming (that's an exaggeration, of course) that his car was stolen. So the guys over there promptly called the police, hoping to get the whole incident solved ASAP. The boys in blue came and after hearing the whole story decided to give a parking lot a once over, just in case the car was still there.

But at the same time they sent out a call with the car's description, meaning that whoever was “lucky” enough to have a car matching Mark's would have been pulled over. Which did indeed happen, except the car wasn't the one they were looking for.

Meanwhile, back in the parking lot, the police on scene was still looking for the car. After doing a sweep of the whole perimeter (that's military talk FYI) guess what they found hidden on a different floor of the same parking lot? Yup, you guessed it, Mark's car hadn't been stolen, numbnuts just forgot where he had parked it!
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