Cops Hate P Diddy's Wrangler

There's no doubt that celebrities like to live big, bigger than life in fact. Rap star P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs took that credo to new heights. Everything he does seems to be bigger than life, and like a modern Al Capone, he likes to get his fingers in as many pies as possible.

The successful entrepreneur is not only a successful musician, clothing designer, label executive and party liaison, but he recently even got into politics (if you can consider entering politics a couple of video rants posted on YouTube). But it would seem that no matter how big you are, you cannot escape the long arm of the law.

While pimping his way through town in his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited P Diddy had an encounter with an officer of the law who seemed to have it out for the rap star. The policeman pulled P Diddy over the side of the road and promptly wrote him a ticket. The reason? It would seem that Diddy likes it loud, the music to be specific, so loud that it's disturbing other motorists.

The damage wasn't that bad, about 60 dollars as reported by TMZ, but that's nothing compared to the big ego blow Diddy received. To be caught on camera when you're a celebrity seems to go without saying, but getting caught on camera when being ticketed by police, that's never funny.

So while the paparazzi shot the event from every angle, Diddy conformed to the officer's requests like a little school boy. Bad boy for life? Not when the cops are around! The only question that remains is what tune he was playing on his radio when he got busted by the heat. Was it one of his own or one of the classics? Surely, it couldn't have been Mozart.
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