Mary Kate Olsen's Fender Bender

Though you might think otherwise, famous people get into trouble too. No one, no matter how famous, can escape those little pestering incidents that can ruin anyone's day, or week if they happen on a Monday. Rearing you car into someone parked behind you or getting a ticket can actually do wonders to your morale, but not in a positive way.

Today we have cooked for you a little juicy tidbit, one that reminds us that all mortals are indeed created equal. Thanks to the paparazzi, we have on tape one of those lovely (and incidentally very rich) twins, Mary Kate Olsen rearing her Toyota Prius into a Polo while furniture shopping yesterday on Melrose Avenue.

Mary Kate was with a friend and her personal assistant when, visibly annoyed and distracted by all the paparazzi (you think she'd have gotten used to it by now), back out a little too much, causing a minor crash with the car behind her. A common event, that has happened to all of us at a certain moment in time. But when there's a celebrity involved, it's somehow more entertaining.

Alas, Mary Kate was not driving, but it's still worth watching to see her expression of despair, as she has to sit and pose there for the paps while her friend gets out of the car and exchanges insurance information.

At one point she snaps at one of the camera-wielding blokes who got a little too close and stuck his lens through the car window: “Get out of the f**king window. Are you kidding me? You guys are ...” “Animals! Yeah, animals, I'm a cow. Mooooo!!!!!” said the paparazzi as if to further mock her. And this is the less glamorous side of Hollywood, the ones the stars don't want you to see.

So next time you get into a fender bender with someone else into the parking lot, be thankful there are no paparazzi hounding you to make the incident even more awkward.

Mary Kate Olsen Gets Into A Fender Bender
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