Drunk Russians and Motorcycles Equals Crashing and Fighting

Booze and bikes can't yield a good result 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
There is a very good reason why drinking and operating motorized vehicle is illegal in the entire world. When driving under the influence of booze, reflexes are much slower, in case the beer-happy brain retains anything that resembles a reflex, anyway.
Still, this doesn't seem to impress exactly everyone, and there are a lot of people who believe that the fact they're drunk has no effect on their driving or riding skills whatsoever. Even more, after the alcohol kicks in, it also triggers the "hold my beer and watch this" type of behavior, leading to accidents, injuries and deaths more than often.

Now, there are two scenarios that come to mind

This video that was allegedly shot in Russia, and the first scenario is some sort of "hold my beer and watch this". We've seen a lot of dumb, sometimes hard to explain crashes caused by booze and motorcycles or scooters, so it's rather hard to be surprised.

Though it's hard to tell exactly what is happening, we can suppose that we're dealing with a demonstration of some sort that's going wrong. We can see a PET beer bottle rolling on the ground after he crash, so a bit of extra booze in the equation is not exactly a far out supposition.

On the other hand, we cannot exclude a bullying scenario, with the drunk gang picking up on the rider and taunting, even threatening him. Again, it's not the first time when we see this. The images indeed seem to show the moment when the taunts are over, with some of the guys in the group apparently telling others to let the fellow go and urging him to split as fast as possible.

As he prepares to leave, the sidecar rider has second thoughts and makes a u-turn, then charges ahead and plows through the entire gang, subsequently crashing into a wall. A fight breaks out and fists are thrown before the video ends.

As to which of the two scenarios seems more plausible, you're also invited to voice your opinion.

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