Cool ATV Stunts Are Cooler when Drunk and Wearing an Unstrapped Helmet

Seen a helmet flying that easily? 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
The crash in this video looks funny, most likely because the "hero" doesn't seem to have been seriously injured, but we've seen our fair share of grizzly accidents take place in similar circumstances.
It's still strange seeing that people tend to consider ATVs as being much safer than bikes... and failing to comply with the basic safety rules. Someone once explained that people who don't ride motorcycles do indeed believe that ATVs are so much safer because of their four-wheel architecture. A vehicle that doesn't need balancing to stay upright is perceived as being infinitely safer than a motorcycle, hence the ease of these people in dealing with the quads.

ATVs are just as dangerous as any other vehicle out there

The fact that ATVs are not as safe as these inexperienced riders believe they are needs no proof. It's enough to check out some video hosting websites and you'll quickly understand this. You'll see a lot of guys riding without helmets or going for the classic "hold my beer while I show you this" thing.

Many of them learn the safety lesson the had way, but hey, nobody said that life was all milk and honey. This chap looks like he's a bit under the influence. His slow or absent reactions indicate that he is not really aware of what's in store for him.

His dentist will most likely tell him that he should have strapped that helmet to his head, as he starts fixing his fake teeth, after the first doctor will have stitched the broken lips.

This video is also highly educational and could be a part of rider training courses under the "Why strapping your helmet properly is a wise idea" chapter. Honestly, riding with an unstrapped helmet is 99.5% (or so) like riding with no helmet at all. Not cool, especially if the going gets tough!

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