Drunk Man Has a Hard Time Missing Any Wall as He Exists a Parking Garage

Drunk driver exiting parking garage 6 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Drunk driver exiting parking garageDrunk driver exiting parking garageDrunk driver exiting parking garageDrunk driver exiting parking garageDrunk driver exiting parking garage
When people decided that drunk driving was forbidden it wasn't because the police needed a way of handing out more tickets, but, simply put, because drunk people can't actually drive.
Not if you ask them. All drunks will tell you they're perfectly capable of mastering the controls of a vehicle, and will even snub you if you insist on telling them otherwise. Not sure if the Dunning-Kruger effect applies here, but it sure sounds like it's pretty much the same situation. The two researchers that have come up with this idea concluded that "low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is (Wikipedia)." It is very much possible that whenever we get drunk, we suddenly develop a case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

For everyone outside our inebriated mind, our temporary ineptitude couldn't be any more obvious. We have trouble with basic tasks such as having a fluent conversation or staying in control of our body's motor functions - two things we've had time to practice nearly since birth. And yet we insist we're perfectly capable of doing something we learned later on in life, something that also happens to be potentially quite dangerous.

As for our fellow here, we need to give credit where credit is due. He did take the long and winding road to the control box, and he did lean his head against it once he got there, but in the end, he managed to stick the keys in and open the garage door. It looks like he takes a leak on his way back to the car, but after that, he's ready to get out into the world.

The first victim of his Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon is an SUV parked directly behind it. The Infiniti shouldn't worry, though, as soon enough it will be joined by nearly every wall inside that garage, plus the door that. It's an absolute miracle how those motorcycles and scooters that were so nicely aligned there managed to get away.

Finally, he gets outside and away from all those walls and, oh my God, this isn't going to end well. He flies across the road and plummets into a few bollards on the other side before reversing and setting off toward his destination. We don't see the rest, but we're willing to bet he didn't make there. We doubt the poor Alfa Romeo could take that much more beating before it gave up and refused to move. Which, incidentally, would have been the driver's only salvation.

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