Drunk Blonde Ignores Police Officer Standing Next to Her, Damages Police Car

Like most Russian videos that don't come accompanied by a description, there's absolutely no way of figuring out what the backstory is here. What we see is a blonde girl locked inside a police Lada, a police officer who is blocking the door so she can't get out (even though there are three more doors she could use, but don't tell her that) while he's probably playing 2048 or Color Switch on his phone.
Police Lada vs. drunk blonde 4 photos
Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
Police Lada vs. drunk ladyPolice Lada vs. drunk ladyPolice Lada vs. drunk lady
Over on the other side of the car, there's another guy hovering around the vehicle and speaking on his cell phone, while also being all too aware of the fact he's being filmed. However, you can ignore him as he's not too relevant to the story.

This is the setup, and it instantly looks a little surreal. If it were the script of a movie, it would probably be one of those dark humor comedies that show the absurd side of life. Or, as they call it in Russia, just "life" (just kidding, our Russian friends, there are plenty of similar incidents all over the world, don't worry).

The woman appears to be hell-bent on getting out, even though there's clearly nothing very enticing waiting there for her. Still, that doesn't prevent her from trying to push the door open, but the officer performs the task of a door stopped admirably. Suddenly, the blonde spots the windshield that was just a few inches away from her nose, and so she puts all that time doing squats at the gym to good use. She starts pushing against the windshield with her legs and, about three seconds later, the window comes off as if it were held in place by chewing gum.

The officer was probably close to reaching level ten or something because he doesn't seem to be too upset with the ad-hoc tuning. With nothing but air in front of her now, the girl doesn't try to exit through the newly created gap, but turns her deadly legs onto the side window. This movement makes the officer lose his focus for a second, which probably cost him the game. He's obviously pissed, so he very manly punches the girl's legs, losing his phone in the process.

This is when the second guy jumps in, taking advantage of the missing windshield to unlock the door on his side and retrieve the white phone, handing it over to the man in blue. The clip ends here, which is very sad. We really would have liked to know if he did manage to reach level ten or not.

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