Drug Dealer Hires Private Jet to Avoid Cops, Fly to Africa for Charity Work

And they say there’s no honor among thieves. This time, it’s a convicted drug dealer we’re talking about, but the saying still applies: Sam Walker hired a private jet to escape the police and fulfill a promise he had previously made to the people in the slums of Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Convicted drug dealer Sam Walker hires private jet to fly out of the UK, taunts police on social media 1 photo
At least, that’s the story he’s been telling on his social media and to the press, Metro confirms. Before you think he’s the kind of drug dealer that should probably get a pass for his generous gesture, know that Walker says he’s not a changed man and will return to the job of his choosing right after he’s released from prison.

Walker has a long history of run-ins with the law, but his most recent is by far the more brazen. As you can see from the video from his YouTube channel, he made sure to taunt the police for his escape. He was due in court for a driving ban and he knew he’d be arrested if he tried to catch a flight out of the country. Since money was no issue, he hired a private jet to take him to Belgium, where he took another flight to Barcelona.

From there, he embarked on a “little 14-hour boat trip” to Morocco, drove across the Sahara, Mauritania, Senegalto and Guinea, and arrived in Sierra Leone by cargo ship. He says he’d promised the people there he would bring them live-saving supplies like fresh water pipes, but also awesome gadgets.

“To me the people were more important. The court date could wait. Sometimes in life you have to do the wrong thing in the eyes of the law in order to do the right thing,” he says. “I managed to convince them to start fitting a fresh water line for them and I paid for it there and then to make sure it was 100% being done. They have installed a 5,000 liter water tank in the slums so no woman or child has to ever drink dirty water again.”

In another video posted to his social media, he’s showing off the gadgets he’s flying to Africa: mobile phones, drones and GoPros, all of them stacked on brand new designer suitcases.

Walker says he’s ready to go to jail the moment he comes back to the UK. Once he finishes his 4-month stint (plus the time he gets for his latest adventure), he will go back to doing what he does best. Yes, that would be selling drugs.

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