Driver Should Get Banned for Life After "Helping" Ambulance Through Traffic

You know, the law is pretty clear about what you're supposed to do when you encounter a special vehicle on a mission, with its sirens wailing and its red or blue lights flashing. And it's not really that complicated: all you need to do is move over and make way in a safe manner.
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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
And in most cases, there's a reason for that. We're still holding a shadow of a doubt because every once in a blue moon, somebody will take advantage of the fact their vehicle comes with preferential status and just plow their way through traffic because they're late for watching the game on TV. But just because one in a thousand cases might be a fraud, doesn't mean we shouldn't treat all of them as if they were the real deal.

There's also a very good reason we are advised to get out of the way and not try to help: it's because a large, white van with stroboscopic lights and a very irritating siren is better at making itself seen than a small, black roadster with an idiot at the wheel. So even though you might be driven by the best intentions, it's recommended you leave the ambulance drivers to do their thing.

But we're wasting our breath here because you, a normal and completely sane human being, already know all this. Unlike the Mercedes-Benz SLK driver from Slovakia featured in the clip below. The story goes that he followed the emergency vehicle for a few kilometers before eventually getting in front. He then proceeded to "open up the traffic," as he would later declare, for the ambulance.

Luckily, the other drivers have more common sense than he does, so when the two reach a few cars stacked at a red traffic light, they ignore the roadster and make way for the ambulance. That's when the driver of the emergency vehicle gets side by side with the Mercedes and tells him his whole stunt is on camera and that the footage will go to the police.

We don't know if this is true, but Liveleak users have identified the man as being a local politician, and his argument was that he was trying to help. The story holds water because his car appeared to have some strobes installed as well, which would suggest he's either a state official or in even more trouble. They also say he won't be charged with anything serious, and will only pay a symbolic fine. We're glad it didn't come to this, but we'd be curious what would have happened it the patient in the ambulance died because of his shambolic intervention. Would he have been accused of murder, because he damn sure should have been?

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