This Is the Driver You Want Behind the Wheel of Your Ambulance

Being an ambulance driver might seem like a dream come true for some people, especially during those nasty early commutes when traffic is just crazy. Having a siren and flashing lights at your disposal might seem like a great idea at first but would you have the courage actually to do it?
Ambulance driven to the limit 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from LiveLeak
It’s a tricky question, and some people (even those with a lot of experience under their belts) might say that it would be at least interesting to try it out. However, we’re pretty sure not even 10 percent of the drivers out there would be capable of handling the pressure, let alone the driving.

What pressure? Well, when you know there’s someone in the back of your car that could die if you don’t make it in time to the hospital, things have a tendency of becoming... tense.

In the video below, we get to experience only five minutes of such a race through Budapest, one of Europe’s busiest capitals. The driver sure knows what he is doing and is not only swerving through heavy traffic like it’s the easiest thing in the world, but he also does it gracefully so that the patient isn’t terribly disturbed.

Looking at what this man does behind the wheel must convince you to give way in case you see an ambulance on the road in your rearview mirror. In case you didn’t already do that, shame on you!

Editor’s note: if you want to make things more interesting, play The Prodigy - Wild Frontier in the background while watching this. It’s going to be much better!

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