Drifting Toyota Prius Puts Up a Show at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Drifting Toyota Prius in Japan 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The chances for you to make a Toyota Prius hybrid tail-happy are close to none. Yeah, you could force it slide a bit on snow or using the liftoff oversteer technique, but that’s not quite drifting. Unless you send the power to the rear wheels...
Yeah, if you haven’t seen a proper drifting Prius, there’s one built in Japan specially for the job. It might look like a slightly tuned model, but it’s underpinnings are very different.

We're not sure about what exactly powers this beast, but if you listen carefully you'll hear an electric whining noise. So yeah, whoever built the car mounted an electric motor right at the back on a different kind of axle. The video description is in Japanese but it does mention the 400 number which chould be how much the motor puts out.

As far as we know, this is the first Prius built for drifting purposes using only an electric motor. And it did put a show at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon held in Makuhari Messe where it demonstrated how much of a tire shredder is.

Thought this is the only crazy Prius engine swap? Let me remind you about the one powered by a Harley Davidson V-twin, or the crazy V8 ultimate sleeper one which is being built as we speak. Wonder if someone will do the same with the Mirai at some point...

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