Pepsi Cans Left Overnight in Car Explode Because of Cold

This Is Why You Don’t Want to Leave Soda in Your Car Over Night 1 photo
Photo: Metro
We’re already sick of all the “don’t eat and drive” talk, so we thought you might want to hear about something else you shouldn’t do with your car. Sure, it hasn’t much to do with road safety, police fines and whatnot. No, this is about how you’re supposed to treat your car if you truly care about its maintenance.
Ever planned to throw a party at your place in advance and bought all the goods needed in more than just one trip. You know, not that you have so many friends, but you simply can’t find the time anymore for your life, always too busy with work and so on. Well, here’s the one thing you don’t want to do if the party is to be successful.

This fellow driver found part of the Pepsi cans he left in the backseat of the car overnight blown up. Sure, if this was water, it wouldn’t have been such a big mess, but it wasn’t the case. Nope, it’s soda, and what happens with it when exposed at sub-zero temperatures? Boom!

The picture of the drink-related explosion was uploaded on Twitter, although it’s not clear who it belongs to. Nevertheless, it seems the car has a British driver attached to, which makes sense since the UK has been recently hit by some harsh weather.

So, remember, party-yes, beer and soda in the car-no; party-yes, beer and soda in the car-no; party-yes...
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