Someone Is Building a V8 Toyota Prius Ultimate Sleeper

V8 powered Toyota Prius 7 photos
Photo: Facebook
V8 powered Toyota Prius sleeperV8 powered Toyota Prius sleeperV8 powered Toyota Prius sleeperV8 powered Toyota Prius sleeperV8 powered Toyota Prius sleeperV8 powered Toyota Prius sleeper
We saw a Prius powered by a Harley Davidson v-twin engine a while ago, so I guess the only possibility left to try out was a V8. How do you stick an eight-cylinder engine in a front-wheel-drive hybrid car? This guy knows how and he almost completed the build.
Don’t know if the man knew gas prices will drop this period, but he will build the ultimate sleeper just in time to turn it against nature this summer if everything goes to plan.

According to his Facebook page that keeps track of the build, the project is split in two stages. First step is to get the car up and running using a stock LS1 V8 engine from a 2002 Chevy Camaro SS mated to an automatic transmission and a Ford 9” rear end.

This means the puny four cylinder stock engine along with the transmission, battery and other auxiliary hybrid components had to get ripped off, engine mounts for the V8 had to be welded as well as a drive shaft tunnel had to be created to send power to the rear wheels.

Don’t worry, the plan is to keep the rest of the car stock in order to make it the best sleeper of all time. The tuner even wants to keep the original wheels, although he had to widen the rear rims for added traction.

The second part of the build will consist of tearing apart the engine and transmission to be rebuilt with performance parts because the main goal is to achieve somewhere around 800 - 1,000 hp and post 9-second quarter mile times.

We can’t wait to see this thing happens. Until then, check out the build progress bellow.
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