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Drifting Lada Fails Brutally

If you want to learn how to drift, you need a proper car for the job. The rule is simple, light rear-wheel drive car and over 170 hp is what you need to start in the business.
Failing Lada 1 photo
This Russian though took his FWD Lada in the parking lot at night, thinking he could have some fun in that pile of junk. He thought he will be so awesome that he needed a friend to film him with a washing machine during the “stunts”.

Blasting music and squeaking the tires in the effort to make the old car look like a pro drifting machine, seemed to overwhelmed the driver. Struggling to make the car’s rear end to go loose, he forgot about the wall that separates the parking lots.

The result? Everything stopped as the “drifter” frontal smashed the car into the solid concrete and bumping his head against the windshield.


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