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Dress the Easy 5 Motorcycle Jeans Overtrousers in Five Seconds

When it comes to riding a motorbike on a daily basis, wearing the right gear can be a bit of a nuisance. Here's a French treat that may help you with your commuting and even leisure rides: the Easy 5 jeans overtrousers by 1964 Shoes.
Rider dressing the Easy 5 overtrousers 4 photos
Easy 5 jeans overtrousersEasy 5 jeans overtrousersEasy 5 jeans overtrousers
The Easy 5 jeans are EC homologated for use with motorcycles, and this means that they're not your common everyday jeans. They might look like ordinary pants, but they are made from a special polyamide fabric that offers excellent resistance to abrasion.

Basically, they look like the jeans you'd wear at work on any day, but they behave like the expensive riding gear you wear when going on a longer bike trip. Even more, these trousers also come with protection pads that provide impact protection in the knee and hip areas. The knee pads are also height-adjustable.

These jeans come in blue and are not waterproof. The fabric is treated to repel water, but if you plan to ride in the rain, maybe going for higher-spec motorcycle gear is a better idea. You could use an aftermarket water repellent spray for such fabrics on them and add a bit of extra shielding for short rides around the town.Easy 5 overtrousers come with a patented double zip and take seconds to dress or undress
Motorcycle-grade jeans are nothing new, so where's the catch, you might be tempted to ask. The biggest difference between the Easy 5 trousers and the competition is that a rider can dress them in a matter of seconds.

Also, taking them off is just as easy, so changing your look from that of a rider to a more casual one was never easier. These trousers have a patented double zipper closure system that allows you to add valuable protection when riding your bike in seconds.

The manufacturer says that, once a rider masters the way these two zippers work, they could dress the Easy 5 jeans in as little as five seconds. The video after the jump proves that such a claim is not entirely unfounded, and frankly, we love being able to switch from office trousers to motorcycle jeans in such a short time and with zero efforts.

It matters little what you're wearing underneath the Easy 5; 1964 Shoes says these trousers even work with bare skin or shorts. Apparently they are unisex, and available in sizes S through XXXL, for €249 (equivalent to $279).

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