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Fancy Becoming an Icon Gear Tester?

Renowned for the high dose of fashion they infuse in their riding gear, Icon is taking a bold step off the road with their new adventure-worthy Raiden UX collection. And to show the world that there is more to their clothes than good looks and nifty advertising campaigns, Icon decided to include a crash in the menu.
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So Icon had Dakar Rally rider Scott Bright aboard a KTM 450 Rally machine, heading out in the outback, wreaking havoc across sand dunes, on the dusty trails of the desert, letting loose just like he does in the Dakar.

However, the Dakar is not exactly a walk in the park, and Scott gets a good reminder about this. Riding very fast across an uneven section of the trail, Bright's bike begins to bounce and takes off.

Now, the biggest problem was not the machine and rider becoming airborne; this is happening all the time when it comes to riding hard on rough terrain, and jumps come with the job of being a rally raid rider. However, keeping the bike straight when landing is one of the crucial aspects of riding in such a manner. It just wasn't Scott's lucky day that day, so the high-speed crash was inevitable.

Thankfully, the somewhat soft layer of sand on the ground breaks his fall, helping him walk/ride away from this crash. Another lucky thing that happened was that he managed to get off the bike before it could buck him forward, as is the case with most high-side crashes.

At the end of this adrenaline-packed video we see that Icon's Raiden UX garments are manufactured with D3O polymers, probably the biggest breakthrough in sports armor ever.

Scott Bright's crash is not unlike the incredible crash Dakar rider Paulo Goncalves had during Stage 8 back in January. Goncalves rode across a similar bumpy section at a much higher speed and missed the landing. As brutal as his crash was, the HRC rider managed to get back on the bike and finish the stage, even though he had to ride more slowly because of several bike parts that were broken.

Follow this link to watch the Dakar Stage 8 resume and scroll at 3:45 to watch Goncalves's violent accident.

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