Walking Away from Such a Crash Is Almost Surreal

Yes, the rider walks away form this one 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
The crash in this video shows how lucky some people can be, and if you wish, it represents the exception to a gory street-level reality. Encounters between trucks and motorcycles or scooters are almost always ending with the demise of the rider, but this time, the chap was lucky, to say the least.
Some might say that riding a scooter during the winter is, per se, almost like asking for something bad to happen. Well, yes and no, we'd say, because in this case, the scooter rider was not at fault in any way.

Of course, the weather conditions did not help at all, with the cold asphalt reducing the adherence of the tires and the snow near the road making swerving past the incoming 18-wheeler impossible.

But what happens has nothing to do with the presence of the rider on the road. The truck driver attempted to pass the van in front of him either ignoring the approaching traffic including the scooter, or simply being unaware of how long it would take him to re-enter his lane.

The fact is that the outcome of this crash could have been a gruesome one, but somehow, the rider and his scooter have not been run over, being instead pushed almost entirely into the guardrail.

Watching the guy getting up and getting out from underneath the front bumper of the track is truly glorious. It's hard to say the injuries he sustained, but at least, he is back on his feet, whereas a slightly less fortunate outcome would have seen him turned into a bleeding mass of contorted flesh and broken bones.

And yes, like in so many scooter crashes, just look at that helmet fly. It looks like a braincap, and doesn't appear to have been actually strapped in place properly. Would not have helped too much in this case, anyway.

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