Drag Race: Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs. P85D Insane Model

Every electric car fan and drag racing enthusiast in the world will want to see this next video. We all know that the Insane mode on the Model S P85D can keep up with the latest Ferraris while terrorizing passengers. So what can its newer cousin, the P90D, do?
Drag Race: Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs. P85D Insane Model 1 photo
Let's forget for a second that this drag race is taking place somewhere in Florida and imagine a futuristic landscape. In a few decades, this is what all drag races will be like, but even considering that, Tesla's creations are totally insane. Or should we say ludicrous?

The new racing option installed on the P90D allows for increased performance, with 0 to 60 mph sprints now taking only 2.8 seconds. The Insane mode on the P85D is still a respectable feature, taking 3.1 seconds to do the same thing.

You might be tempted to think that 0.3 of a second means there's very little between these cars, but you'd be wrong. The video shows the distance between the cars increases with every moment.

If you plan on taking the electric sedan to the drag strip, know that Tesla claims a 10.9-second quarter mile run. That puts it in the same league as supercars or the Challenger Hellcat.

The Model S was always a fast car to begin with. However, early models only had a motor at the back, delivering performance similar to a 911. The P85D changed the game completely with another motor at the front. Suddenly, Ferraris and Lamborghinis were falling like flies.

While cheap compared to a real supercar, a full-spec model usually costs about $145,000. For the record, the Tesla Model S P85D can be upgraded to P90D spec at the cost of $13,000. The price is split between $3,000 for the 90 kWh battery and $10,000 for the Ludicrous racing goodies.

But imagine the surprise on every pretentious Porsche owner's face when he eats your dust. Right, enough talking, time for action.

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