Tesla Is Bringing Destination Charging to Europe Soon, Will Fight Range Anxiety

What’s the biggest problem next to battery range with electric vehicles? A charging station, correctly. Installing superchargers in customers' garage may work for those who are willing to pay the extra cash, but what if you lack the desire to spend further money or the necessary space in the garage?
Tesla Is Bringing Destination Charging to Europe Soon, Will Fight Range Anxiety 1 photo
In this case, you hit one of the charging stations. Unfortunately, Tesla Motors is still a long way to covering Europe with fast chargers. Instead, they’ve figured the destination charging system currently applied in the U.S. and Canada should do. For those who missed this class, we’ll mention that this program implies the premium EV maker partners up with hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers in a way that you get access to a charger. Here’s the official announcement:

“Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home. Pull up and plug into a Tesla wall connector to charge Model S while you shop, dine, or even during an overnight stay.”

The idea is one of the clever solutions Elon Musk’s company has, in the sense that it usually represents a win-win situation. On one hand, Tesla is making sure their customers have a place to fill their battery, on the other, those who have chargers could attract EV customers into their facilities.

There’s also a third winner if we’re allowed to speculate, which is the company itself. It’s a matter of image that makes the company both a premium carmaker and a cool player on the market.

After all, we know that Tesla Model S is far from being the most popular e-powered auto in Europe, with that place being held by the Nissan Leaf, so far. There’s quite the competition ongoing on the old continent between EV makers and it’s only natural considering the European Unions plans for a sustainable tomorrow.


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