Downsized Motorhome Living in a Truck Camper? Kingstar's Command Center Makes It a Reality

Recent years have seen a massive focus on mobile living, and as such, truck campers have exploded in numbers, design, and capability. This brings me to the Command Center, a wheeled turtle shell that mimics the sort of lifestyle found in massive motorhomes, only on a downsized scale.
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Folks, the Command Center is a truck camper variation designed and built by none other than America's Kingstar, a crew born in 2018 and operating out of Houghton, Michigan. However, what makes these folks so special is that they build each unit to their customer's liking, and with good old elbow grease; each machine is hand-built.

Now, the Command Center (CC) is the most expensive of the five available units that Kingstar offers, selling for a starting price of $51,960 (€46,700 at current exchange rates). Why? Well, it's basically a unit that's designed for long-term living or used to cater to the life of the digital nomad. Best of all, Kingstar somehow managed to cram everything you need into this truck-mounted camper. Heck, it even mimics some of the interiors seen in massive motorhomes, but on a much smaller scale.

First of all, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery. Take in just how large a CC is, and then picture the sort of truck you need in order to accommodate it. Heck, mounted to a 1-ton truck with a standard suspension, these babies tower over all other vehicles on the road with a height of 10.5 ft (3.2 m). If that's not enough, a dry unit weighs 3,330 lbs (1,510 kg), so bust out the big boys for this one.

Command Center
Photo: Kingstar
From a design perspective, the shape of a CC and other campers Kingstar builds comes across as rather raw and rudimentary, but there's a method to their madness. Units are covered with a stainless steel roof and, by the looks of it, with a fiberglass or aluminum sidewall exterior. Oh, and clearly, you'll need to modify your truck bed to some degree to load this puppy in there.

Once everything is nice and secured, it's time to step inside your CC and witness why Kingstar is asking you to drop nearly $52K on a new unit. If you've taken my advice on checking out the image gallery, then you've already started to understand why. Go ahead, open the rear door, and get ready.

I mentioned that the CC has an interior similar to that of motorhomes, and I say this because of the way the dinette and galley are designed. It looks ripped right out of some massive travel trailer or RV and dropped into this quaint and tight space that, somehow, Kingstar transforms into an on-road home.

Beyond the dinette and galley and sitting atop your truck cab, the manufacturer places an East-West bed with space for two people. However, suppose you want to move things around a bit. In that case, Kingstar has a long list of options to choose from, including a North-South bedding configuration, among other changes.

Command Center Dinette
Photo: Kingstar
Yet, my favorite aspect of this camper's interior is the fact that it includes a fully serviceable wet bath inside. No need to raise an outdoor shower if you don't need to. Just slide the toilet in front of the door and shower away. This feature alone ensures comfort no matter the weather outside.

Then there are all those storage options we see, either as cabinetry inside or lockboxes outside the CC. Heck, some bays are integrated into the floor and overhead. In short, you'll probably have a hard time filling all of this camper to the brim.

For a moment, I want you to direct your attention to the dinette system. I want you to picture yourself waking up in the morning and having coffee with your significant other. You open the window to let in some fresh air and enjoy a clear view of the world around you.

After breakfast, some snuggling, or whatever you like to do in the morning, it's time to unleash stage two of the dinette's abilities. Suddenly, you're looking at a fully blown workspace with individual or shared tabletops. I feel Kingstar really took modularity to the next level with this feature.

Command Center Galley
Photo: Kingstar
Now, there are countless systems we can't see. After all, there's got to be some other reasons why we're dishing out $52K for this bugger. For example, the galley setup I mentioned has a three-burner top in place, a microwave, and a sink fed by 32 gals (121 l) of freshwater and heated by a 6-gal (22 l) heater, the latter of which is also shared by the shower.

There's a 20K BTU furnace in the CC, an inverter, charger, BMS (battery management system), USB ports, 120 V outlets, and LED lighting too. There's clearly a fridge and AC unit, too, along with countless others. But the real ticket items are actually optional.

For example, you'll need to throw some solar panels if you want to really live disconnected from the grid, and that's going to cost extra for sure. If you need a beefier battery setup, again, throw some cash at your needs and dreams. Heck, you can even extend the CC freshwater-carrying capacity by another 30 gals (114 l) with exterior-mounted 3-season tanks. Be sure to explore all that Kingstar places at your disposal if the CC comes across as the sort of camper that fits your dreams and lifestyle.

As a final exercise, I urge you to take a minute or two out of your Sunday to picture yourself in the possession of a Command Center. Think about the places you'll travel and the things you'll see, all the while still raking in hard-earned cash. Sounds like something to consider if you're looking for a lifestyle change.
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