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Discover Your Favorite EVs at National Drive Electric Week Through October 2nd

Ever wanted to check out some EVs but didn’t know which one is the right one for you? (Or even if they’re right for you at all?) Well, you’re in luck. National Drive Electric Week has just kicked off on September 23rd, so it’s now easier than ever to explore your possibilities.
National Drive Electric Week gathering 6 photos
National Drive Electric Week gatheringNational Drive Electric Week gatheringNational Drive Electric Week gatheringNational Drive Electric Week gatheringNational Drive Electric Week gathering
National Drive Electric Week first took place in 2011. It’s an “annual national outreach event” designed to raise awareness about the wide availability of plug-in hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles.

This year marks the event’s 12th edition and is being organized by Plug In America, Electric Vehicle Association, EVHybridNoire, and Sierra Club.

Through October 2nd, attendees will have the chance to join local EV advocates in meetups, parades, and festivals, to discover everything they want to know about electric transportation. There are around 300 online and in-person events throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, so you can pick one of the hundreds of different locations that's most convenient for you.

You’ll be able to chat with EV owners and get unfiltered info about the pros and cons of ditching traditional internal combustion engines and switching to electric. Plus, you can also examine the available options and even hop inside your chosen vehicle to do a test drive.

Now, demand for EVs is on the rise, but the EVs themselves are far from perfect. Still, many manufacturers are making the switch towards electric, and with so many brands competing against each other, electric cars should get better pretty soon.

That said, there are challenges on both sides. For now, internal combustion engines might be cheaper and more practical – a few minutes to refuel instead of 15 minutes to half an hour to recharge.

And even though there’s no range anxiety with an ICE, the gas prices (which are starting to climb back up) will probably give drivers some anxiety. On the other hand, the unforgiving chip shortage is still making victims left and right – and that’s impacting all types of companies and vehicles.

Still, if you’ve ever thought about going the electric route, now there’s a good chance to explore what the market has to offer, with the least amount of effort.


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