Dinan BMW 550i Dubbed S3, Reviewed by Jalopnik

Dinan S3 1 photo
Photo: Jalopnik
We've seen reviews of the S3 Dinan before, coming from either autoblog or eBay Motors. However, this time it's up to Jalopnik to say what's what about this beast and how it stacks up to the M5.
The Dinan take on the BMW F10 550i bring some serious power to the table. The N63 engine under the bonnet that used to produce 407 HP and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque is now delivering something close to the M5's numbers, reaching 542 HP and close to 800 Nm (587 lb-ft to be more precise) of torque.

Those are incredible numbers and, at first, you might think that's all that the S3 has to boast with. But it's not. The S3 also has an improved suspension, an aftermarket exhaust system a couple of bits and pieces made out of carbon fibre and a lot more options on the inside.

On the track, this baby will be scary. It will transform from what looks like an ordinary 550i on the outside (with a few changes) into a proper 2 tone track beast, making you wonder why you've been driving it on regular roads in the first place.

However, the price tag puts it dangerously close to the M5 and, no matter how good it is, it's still no match for the true M car. Furthermore, unless you take it to the track on a regular basis, you won't get to use even 10 percent of what this car is capable of and that is actually frustrating.

Don't take just our word for it, check out what Jalopnik had to say.
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