Detained Woman Removes Handcuffs and Steals Police SUV with Four Officers Around

Suspect stealing Police SUV 6 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Suspect stealing Police SUVSuspect stealing Police SUVSuspect stealing Police SUVSuspect stealing Police SUVSuspect stealing Police SUV
For most people, being cuffed in the back of a police cruiser is game over. You've done your best to escape, but in the end, the long arm of the law managed to grab you.
Others, though, see this as an opportunity. With all the officers busy going through her backpack outside the car thinking she was locked safely inside the vehicle, our intrepid female criminal has time to devise a plan.

Safe from the eyes of the policemen, she begins by unbuckling the seatbelt the officers were considerate enough to strap on her in. A quick look around tells her she's free to do whatever she wants, so she begins working on those handcuffs.

In a matter of seconds - during which time one law enforcer checked on her through the window but then went back to whatever it was that required so many of them - she's free, so after making sure everyone's busy she slips through the tiny opening separating her compartment from the front seats.

Either the keys were there or the engine was running because she sets off right away. However, we're sure it wouldn't have taken her long to hot-wire the vehicle anyway. As the SUV begins to roll, the body cam on one of the officers shows them charging at the vehicle attempting to stop the fugitive. They manage to get one door open, but that's about the best they can do.

Next, the dashcam footage in the hijacked vehicle shows us how she played chicken with a few of her pursuers coming the opposite way as well as dodging a spike strip. We can't tell what it is that eventually made her swerve to the right at high speed and go spinning off the road, but from a selfish point of view, we sure were sorry the chase was over.

We're well aware she was the criminal here and of course that what she did - from the first second - was wrong, but you can't help admire her skills. Who knows, maybe once she gets out of prison (which, based on what we've seen, could happen after a day or two) she'll find a job as an escape artist.

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