Deer Rewards Driver Avoiding It with a Short Breakdance Routine

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Wild animals, roads, and cars don't go together very well. There's no point in going into who's right and who's wrong since the animals can't really speak for themselves, what's important is to find a solution.
The only viable solution, for now, is to brake whenever you spot a wild beast appearing (or preparing to do it) in front of your moving car. And if your car is stationary, then remember to lock your doors, OK? Honking or flashing the wildering won't do, as you might get exactly the opposite reaction than the intended one: the animal will get startled and freeze as if ten American cops, guns pointed, ordered it to.

Luckily, most drivers tend to do their best to avoid these collisions, but it's not due to some high levels of empathy or the fear of God's vengeance for killing one of his creatures. Oh, no. The reason is a lot more cynical, and it has to do with the very high repair costs associated with hitting something that weighs over 50 pounds.

Most cars have the engine up front, which means that running into something capable of doing more than just denting the bumper will result in significant damage to the parts inside the engine bay. The most exposed of them is the radiator, and replacing that doesn't come cheap. The headlights on modern cars are also more intricate than a rice bean sculpture, so having them replaced is also going to hurt.

Of course, this is all good news for the animals who can now rest assured that the drivers will do their best to save their wallets and, at the same time, their lives. It's not that roadkill will disappear off the surface of our roads - we'll always have the heavy trucks and semis who are better off hitting anything short of an elephant than trying to swerve around them.

In an attempt to show they're not taking this fortunate turn of events for granted and are thankful for our care, this deer decided to reward its savior with a very short but exquisitely performed breakdance routine. If only it heard what the driver had to say about it, though, it might have given him the finger instead. Or, you know, the raised hoof, or something.

(NSFW language)

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