Crazy BMW M3 Driver Brake-Checks Truck on Highway

BMW M3 Brake-Checks Truck 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
I’m not exactly sure about all the details behind the video you’re about to see but the behavior of the driver of the M3 is simply unacceptable.
At first, it looks like the BMW overtakes on the right, seemingly in a terrible hurry. However, just as he gets in front, he proceeds to repeatedly brake-check the truck that has the dashboard camera installed, providing a video that is currently going viral in Europe.

The action seems to be taking place on one of Belgium’s highways and recent reports claim that the police is looking into the matter as we speak, as the license plate of the M3 are plainly visible.

However, what I’d like to point out here is that such behavior should not be condoned and it should be avoided at all costs. What the BMW driver doesn’t realize is that if the truck driver made an evasive maneuver to avoid a direct collision he might’ve hit another car on the road and cause a major carom that would’ve been a lot bigger than just the dispute between the two.

That’s what happens when you get behind the wheel of a 420 HP car and don’t have the decency to know what responsibility it comes with.

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