Idiot Destroys BMW E36 Coupe Doing Burnout

What can I say...  I thought I’ve seen everything there is to be seen in the world of BMWs but every once in a while, a tool like the next guy comes around and says “You know nothing!”, just like in the Game of Thrones.
BMW E36 3 Series Burnout 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
This ... I-don’t-even-know-how-to-call-him dude, sets out to burn some rubber in the confines of his yard, whilst his friend is filming his endeavor. The car looks like a pretty mint BMW E36 Coupe but the poor Bimmer has no idea what’s it’s in for.

The ... guy... behind the wheel proceeds to pretend he’s cooler than ice, smoking a cigarette (something that was thought to be cool, probably, back in the 90s) all whilst burning some serious rubber and torturing the poor car.

Don’t get me wrong, a little burnout here and there is perfect to raise your adrenaline levels, but not like he did it. You see, revving the engine so hard for so long is prone to heat up some components, no matter how good the unit under the bonnet is, and those heated parts will start burning stuff around them at one point or another. Especially the exhaust pipes.

That’s what he found out, the hard way, unfortunately. In the end, both the driver and his camera friend manage to keep things in control but that’s a lesson they won’t forget any time soon (hopefully).

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