Colorless Typhoons and Eagles Join Forces to Escort Heavy Bombers in Aerial Show of Force

Still in the grips of a health crisis that doesn’t seem to ease up, the world now has to face a series of challenges that if not handled properly, might end up really turning this place upside down.
Seven fighter jets and two bombers over the North Sea 11 photos
B-1B Lancer over the Persian GulfB-1B Lancer taking off from UK baseB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B LancerB-1B Lancer at Edwards Air Force Base
From China allegedly rapidly expanding its nuclear (and hypersonic) capabilities, in terms of both the number of weapons and the silos meant to house some of them, to Russia flexing its muscles on the border of Ukraine and really, really close to NATO nations, there is no shortage of dangerous powder kegs with the potential of blowing up in our faces.

Away from the scrutiny of the public eye, allied military units keep training for a future we all hope will never come to pass. From time to time, however, both the general public and whatever enemy might be lurking in the dark do get a taste of what a confrontation might be like.

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has made a habit of advertising its exploits and hardware by releasing revealing images on a constant basis. From time to time, hardware fielded by allied forces gets caught in the middle, like it happened in the pic we have here (click main photo to enlarge).

What you’re looking at is a formation of nine aircraft (seven fighter jets and two heavy bombers), captured on film as they were flying over the North Sea region in the first decade of November, during a bomber task force mission.

Up front leading the procession are two B-1 Lancer bombers. Behind them, unevenly distributed to the left and right, are the escort planes wrapped in various shades of grey, in this case, USAF F-15C Eagles and Royal Air Force Typhoons.

As per the American military, the mission was conducted as a means to highlight “U.S. capabilities and commitment to work closely with allies and partners to deter potential adversaries from aggressive actions.“

Something we’re likely to keep seeing over the coming months…

Editor's note: Gallery shows other B-1 Lancers.


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