Classic Ford Bronco Gets Modernized Rendering, Looks So Much Better

The Bronco is a wonderful machine, full of character, rough around the edges, and honest about its imperfections. For many years, it was ignored by the mainstream, but now that Ford is bringing a new model to market, everybody is all about those classics.
Classic Ford Bronco Gets Modernized Rendering, Looks So Much Better 3 photos
Photo: TheSketchMonkey/YouTube screenshot
Classic Ford Bronco Gets Modernized Rendering, Looks So Much BetterClassic Ford Bronco Gets Modernized Rendering, Looks So Much Better
A few restomod projects have polished the imperfections of this off-roader over the years. But if you want to take it to the next level without destroying your bank account, renderings are also a good source of entertainment.

YouTube artist TheSketchMonkey has made a name for himself with "modernized" renderings. You take one classic car that's made a name for itself and give it a 21st-century twist. I have to admit that using the clone stamp to get rid of rust or paint blemishes is so much easier than doing it in real life.

For the Bronco, the obvious thing to do is to get rid of all the elements that date the design. For example, side molding belongs on a house, no a car. The front end of the original '60s model is also a little bit frumpy, and the artist decides to give that a facelift.

If you've ever seen a custom build for a classic truck, what comes next shouldn't come as a surprise. With the chopping prowess of Chip Foose, Mr. Monkey lowers the roof a little and digitally installs biggers tires. This has the effect of making the Bronco look planted and mean.

Perhaps the most interesting change is the grille and how this artist envisions a modern Bronco front end. It's boxy, it's simple and it's also quite "Ford." Judging from the success of the Raptor series, this type of design might not be a bad idea.

But what do you guys think - is this rendering too far from the original concept of the Bronco and is there something bugging you about Ford's actual design for the new model?

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