Choose Your Aftermarket Wheel Hero: Forgiato i7 vs. Mansory or AGL Phantom EWB

Rolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheels 8 photos
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Rolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheelsRolls-Royce Phantom EWBs and BMW i7 custom wheels
These days, aftermarket car companies - especially those specialized in fitting the greatest models with the latest wheel setups, are brawling into luxury territory with so much ease. However, when there's enough choice, there is also the issue of positive or negative feedback – and BMW plus Rolls-Royce are easily two opposing facets of the same trend.
Rolls-Royce, born almost 120 years ago in 1906, has been a staple of luxury, elegance, and motor car technology almost without any interruption during that period. On the other hand, BMW is a bit younger, as it was founded in 1916 to produce aircraft engines. Today, though, it's more akin to premium cars and motorcycles than anything else. And the two companies intertwined their destinies in 2003 when BMW AG turned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars into a wholly owned subsidiary.

However, if you look at some of their products, such as the seventh generation of the BMW 7 Series luxury saloon and the eighth iteration of the full-size Rolls-Royce Phantom ultra-luxury sedan, they could not be anything other than worlds apart. Sure, some of the few diehard fans BMW has left will try to argue the designers attempted a stately treatment on the 7 Series and i7 all-electric counterpart in a bid to come closer to the prowess displayed by Rolls' vehicles. But it's just a desperate attempt to warrant the sheer ugliness of something that really doesn't look good with a combination of humongous kidneys for the grille and split-headlight styling.

And it suffices to give the Rolls-Royce Spectre as a counterpoint example, as the British company's first-ever EV still looks much better even when deploying its split-headlight plus humongous grille mix. Anyway, the power of example is better than a thousand words – even if it comes from the imaginative realm of aftermarket creations. So, meet the good folks over at Los Angeles, California-based Forgiato Designs, who attempted to trick us into believing the i7 could look even 1% better with their forged wheels. Sadly, that didn't happen for them, even though the new setup resides on humongous 24-inch 'y-spoke' units.

Maybe, if this was presented alone, it would have had a tiny chance to make someone feel better about the i7's design. But we couldn't help but put everything into the perspective of comparing the BMW flagship with Rolls' top-of-the-line Phantom EWB. The extended wheelbase version comes with two options – one presented by Miami, Florida-based Wheels Boutique with some Mansory touches around the black body and a Hermes orange coachline.

And the other choice looks even cleaner thanks to a stock gray-with-lots-of-chrome appearance and the perfect fitment of AG Luxury's 24-inch AGL60 monoblock forged aftermarket wheels in a matching brushed polished finish. Now, the question is simple. Which is your favorite – the i7 with Forgiatos, the black Mansory Phantom, or the serene AGL60 EWB?

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