Chinese BQM Monza Phone Looks Like a Sportscar Scale Model

You might think only smartphones are popular on the market nowadays, but sometimes combining the passion for phones with car enthusiasm is enough to create cool gadgets. It’s the case of Chinese BQ Company who announced that their first product with which it would enter the Russian market is a sportscar-lookalike phone.
BQM Monza Phone 1 photo
Who said you need to be rich or famous to drive hundred-thousand dollar beasts? Well, unless you’re planning to rob somebody, you actually need to. However, in case you don’t afford it, there will always be a company out there that will get you closer to the car of your dream through gadgets.

BQ’s engineers probably knew that the moment they decided to create a phone with no touch screen but with the looks of a Lamborghini combined with a Ferrari. And to get things even closer to racing, they named the phone Monza, where the famous Italian race track is.

According to Softpedia, little is known about the phone’s specs, but those who plan to grab it when it goes on sale (wich is this September) should know that it will allegedly weigh about 78g (battery included) and have a length of around 9.5 cm. As you can observe looking at the picture, the button in the center looks like a wheel of a car. While the front part is completely made of plastic, the back of the BQM Monza is made of metal and has “bright & quick” written at the bottom.

Even though the phone has stylized wheels on both sides, it’s far from being close to an actual Lamborghini scale model. But what makes this little piece of technology even funnier is the little “b” sign it’s wearing on the upper-right side of the front part. It’s obviously not the Beats mark, but it looks a lot like it...


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