$7,800 Worth McLaren F1 Le Mans Scale Model, a Father’s Day Present

McLaren F1 LM scale model 5 photos
McLaren F1 LM scale modelMcLaren F1 LM scale modelMcLaren F1 LM scale modelMcLaren F1 LM scale model
Father’s Day is less than two weeks away so we thought we’ll look for a good example of what a car lover would want to get. A McLaren F1 Le Mans scale model selling for $7,829 (EUR 5,738) would be the first on our list. It might seem a bit too expensive, but you need to take a good look at it in order to understand why it's not.
We’re sure you remember the only five-ever made F1 LM supercars, most often identified by their Papaya Orange paint. In fact, including the prototype, you could say six were produced. Anyhow, McLaren is now selling the scale model of the precious car on their online store.

However, before you hurry up and start thinking you could actually buy, say, a 2008 Mercedes c220 cdi on eBay if you were to order it right now, just hold on for a second. This scale model is so accurate it will literally make you feel like a giant peaking inside a normal-sized car.

Let us start with the obvious, and that is the race headphones you can see looking through the windows. After that, you’ll probably want to see what this beast hides under its hood. Even though it was designed to be a road car, it still had a couple of adapted race car features. And that is exactly what you can observe while looking at this scale model.

For example, the Mclaren F1 LM used the same engine as the 1995  F1 GTR, but without race-mandated restrictors, to produce 680 hp. It had a top speed of 225 mph (362 km/h), which is less than the standard version because of added aerodynamic drag, despite identical gear ratios.

Now, about the headphones, you’ll want to know they were definitely something you needed even if you drove on the street. The LM is 168 pounds (76 kg) lighter than the stock F1, but that was achieved by having no interior noise suppression, no audio system, a stripped-down base interior, no fan-assisted ground effect and no dynamic rear wing. It still has a wing, only it’s a fixed carbo-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) one, mounted on the back of the vehicle. The same one you can see on the scale model.

Looking in the model’s rear you’ll see that it has the same BMW M designed and built Murray 6.1-litter V12 engine. We are talking about a peak torque of 520 lbs-ft (705 Nm). Furthermore, if you look real close you’ll see that it actually keeps the exact form of the two carbon intake ducts the McLaren F1 LM has.

So, will you buy it?
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