The Tiwal 3.2 Is a High Performance Inflatable Sailing Dinghy for Vacations

Ever wished to sail the Ocean for months and forget about the world? Tiwal 3.2 is an expensive toy you buy to get a similar touch, only it’s an inflatable sailboat you can bring down to the beach in the trunk of a car. It takes 20 minutes to assemble and was designed to make navigation fun and simple, while still offering the thrill of speed.
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Tiwal 3.2Tiwal 3.2Tiwal 3.2Tiwal 3.2Tiwal 3.2
It’s creators claim Tiwal 3.2 is the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports, we think it’s just the perfect summer toy. Whether you want to get the adrenaline mark up or you want an adventure along with your family, this little boat combines performance, safety and convenience like no other boat in the market.

Tiwal’s versatile design allows for both high performance solo use and leisure sailing in pairs. It’s 10,5’ (3,20 m) long and has a 56 square feat/ 75 square feat (5,20 m2/ 7 m2) sail, with a total weigh of 111 lbs (50 kg). When put away for storage, the parts can be separated into two bags, one for the hull and another for the sail/structure, both of which measure 59 x 16 x 14 inches (149 x 40 x 35 cm). When fully operational it can handle a maximum load of 418 pounds (189 kg).

According to its creators, the TIWAL 3.2 V-shaped underbody is extremely wide which allows for maximum acceleration to reach planing speed in 3 to 4 force winds depending on carried load. Depending on how the size of the sail and also on what optional amenities you opt for the price can vary, but you won’t get it cheaper than EUR 5,490 ($ 7,349).


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