Check Out This Enormous Collection of 175 Barn Found Classics

BMW 2002 Barn Find 8 photos
Photo: TheTFJJ
London Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find CollectionLondon Barn Find Collection
It’s a dream we’ve probably all had at one point or another. You’re driving along in the country or walking past some empty industrial buildings, and you suddenly spot the telltale signs of automotive gold nearby.
Tipped off by a couple of loose bumpers, a rusting hood, or a set of wheels wrapped in scabby tires, we walk over to a window or a flapping barn door, peer inside and are instantly confronted with the sight of something wonderful. A car or truck or motorcycle covered in dust and looking for all the world like it’s been lost to the ages.

This first look into a collection heading for auction includes 175 different vehicles, and the collection seems heavily biased toward German makes.

Youtuber TheTFJJ came across one of these finds - and this one a monster - an insane collection of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagens. All of them represent classic ‘barn finds,’ and they’re all being stored in a London warehouse to be sorted out and checked for condition.

According to TheTFJJ, the auction owners say all the cars run, and though that may be a bit of an overstatement, many of them were being fired up and tested during his visit.

Among the cooler bits of the massive collection are a very tasty-looking BMW 2002, a number of Mercedes-Benz 350 SL and 500 SL examples, and a crusty-looking Triumph Stag. From the looks of the video, there appear to be quite a number of British sports models of various desirability and a nifty-looking Austin Jeep.

The video is rather brief at around 8 minutes, but it's definitely worth a watch if for no other reason than the breadth of the collection. Be warned that you might be slightly appalled at the condition of some of the vehicles, particularly if you have a phobia of dust and bird droppings.

The collection will be open for a private viewing today in London from 11 to 4. Official inquiries can be sent via email to [email protected].

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