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Cadillac-Powered 1951 Ford F-1 Gets Your Heart Pumping for $70K

It’s not an easy task, choosing from the multitude of custom pickup trucks out there. And if you’re in a market for one, your visit here on autoevolution will probably make that choice even harder, given how for this February’s Truck Month we’re featuring the crème de la crème.
1951 Ford F-1 14 photos
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Particularly juicy in our books are the early-days Ford F-Series. On the market since 1947, it continues, through the unstoppable F-150, to be a massive force in the industry even today, but it’s the trucks like this here F-1 that really gets our hearts pumping.

There is no shortage of old F-1-based builds out there, each bringing something unique to the very rich table of custom trucks, and each seemingly colored in shades so bright they’re bound to stand out in a crowd. This year alone, we’ve seen a Hulk-like metallic green one, or a Rose Gray-wrapped build that looks really uncanny. And now, here’s one so red it’s impossible not to spot, probably not in the darkness of night.

Vermillion Red is the name of the color that wraps around all the curved metal of the body, shining just as bright as the chrome on the bumpers, front grille, and parts of the American Racing wheels with whitewall tires. Inside, the red morphs into red and grey, with the combination used throughout, from the bench that seats two to the dashboard holding aftermarket auxiliary gauges.

The entire speck of red moves along under the power of a 1953 Cadillac engine, 331ci (5.4-liter) in displacement and brought alive by a 3-speed manual transmission. It’s all linked to a Dana 44 rear and breathes through a dual exhaust.

Barely waiting to be put to work, either as the star of some show or as a head-turning road apparition, the F-1 is selling on Vanguard Motors for $69,900 with 6,400 miles (10,300 km) on the clock.

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