BYD's YangWang U6 Is the Most Aerodynamic Car in the World

BYD's YangWang is building the most aerodynamic car in the world, the U6. The current record is held by the Mercedes EQS premium sedan.
YangWang U6 patent image 12 photos
Photo: YangWang
YangWang U6 is the world's most aerodynamic carYangWang U6 is the world's most aerodynamic carYangWang U6 is the world's most aerodynamic carYangWang U6 is the world's most aerodynamic carYangWang U8YangWang U8YangWang U8YangWang U8YangWang U9YangWang U9YangWang U9
The model is the project of YangWang, a newly established premium brand, launched at the beginning of 2023 and operating under the BYD umbrella. They have already rolled out the U8 flagship SUV and the U9 electric supercar.

The U6 will feature an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.195 Cd, which is said to be the best in the world of any production car. The announcement was made during the Academic Annual Conference of the Automotive Aerodynamics Committee in China, confirming the U6 designation for the model when everyone was expecting the sedan to come with the U7 name. But YangWang is probably keeping the '7' for a model that will slot above the U6 in the lineup.

BYD showed a profile shot of the car, mentioned the 0.195 Cd figure, and presented a chart of the world's most aerodynamic production cars. At the top of the chart, there must be room left for the U6.

Until recently, the EQS, rated at 0.20, was the most aerodynamic production car in the world. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S sports a drag coefficient of 0.208 Cd, a value identical to that of the Nio ET7. The Lucid Air sits at 0.21, while the Porsche Taycan, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and the BMW 5 Series share the 0.22 value.

There is still a long time before we get to see the official photos of the U6. But patent drawings have recently revealed the exterior design. Therefore, the model should come with a front fascia where there is nothing short, with a sloping roofline.

There are huge headlamps, similar to those of the YangWang U9, flared fenders, very narrow spokes wheels, and an active spoiler at the rear, placed right above the strip that connects the taillights. A LiDAR sensor shows up on the roof, so that we can expect advanced autonomous driving capabilities.

Only a certain version of the model might be coming with the record-braking figures, which is helped by the presence of certain body parts that favor aerodynamics. The list would include mirrors instead of side view cameras, a front splitter, a tail wing, or aero-optimized wheels.

The Chinese media reports that the YangWang U6 should come as a fully electric car as well as a plug-in hybrid, while the company is also considering an EREV (extended range electric vehicle that would also sport a gas tank). The BEV should go for YangWang's quad-motor setup, rated at 1,100 horsepower (1,115 PS). According to local information, the U6 should come with a starting price of around 800,000 yuan, which translates into $110,462. Its main contender in China would be the Tesla Model S Plaid, with an MSRP of 1,028,900 yuan ($142,068).
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