Bugatti Chiron Pops Up For Sale With EUR 4 Million Price Tag, It Could Be A Scam

Bugatti’s Chiron is an incredibly expensive automobile, and its customers must wait many months for delivery.
Bugatti Chiron with 0 km on the clock listed on German website 5 photos
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Bugatti Chiron with 0 km on the clock listed on German websiteBugatti Chiron with 0 km on the clock listed on German websiteBugatti Chiron with 0 km on the clock listed on German websiteBugatti Chiron with 0 km on the clock listed on German website
Some people interested in getting this car have probably lost their patience, which might lead to attempting to purchase some of the Chiron models that have already been delivered.

With that in mind, someone from Germany has posted an ad on the country’s most popular car trading website. We are referring to the famous, where you can try to find the automobile of your dreams, with the mention that someone else has taken care of it until it got to your driveway.

With that gallery, the German seller of the Bugatti Chiron with zero kilometers on the odometer has placed a fixed price of €4,000,000. We are talking about a significant sum of money even for an oil tycoon, but the vendor did not bother posting any photos of the said Chiron.

Instead of bothering to hire a professional photographer to make an image gallery of what is claimed to be “among the first Chiron cars delivered,” the alleged vendor solely posted a few pictures that were grabbed from the Internet.

The sole explanation behind this act might be the person’s claimed discretion, which is something that the vendor requests from the buyer.

Bugatti priced the Chiron about €2.4 million in Europe, which raises some question marks regarding the level of despair that some wealthy people would have to reach before being willing to shell out €4,000,000 for a car that they did not get the chance to customize. If you ask us, getting a car like this without making it your own is uninspired.

A sales ad without original pictures is a big shame, especially when products this expensive are concerned. There’s a small possibility that this might be some scam, so do not send money to the alleged seller of the Chiron under the pretense of a “reserve fee,” or whatever fee is requested of you.

Another possibility with this ad involved a dealer that wanted to advertise itself with an ad for a product it did not have, but would use the viral-worthy product as a “hook” to bring people on their web page.

This is not the case with the Chiron ad, because a “private vendor sells it.” Remember not to send money to people selling things like these online without even having pictures of the item.
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