Brits Reveal Their Choices for 2021's Sexiest Cars Just in Time for Valentine's

We’re just hours away from celebrating yet another Feast of Saint Valentine, and we sincerely hope you’re not among those who defer the chocolate and flowers for the significant other on account of social distancing. After all, if you’re careful (and one should always be, irrespective of global health crises), you’ll be able to put your prized four-wheeled possession to good use.
Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021 9 photos
Photo: Auto Trader
Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021Auto Trader top ten sexiest cars for 2021
Well, that’s valid if you live in Great Britain because we don’t have the statistics for any other country available at the moment. Anyways, according to UK’s Auto Trader, more than half (55%, to be more precise) of British drivers have been “intimate” with their partner in the car - they’re not giving us the breakdown on strikeouts, first/second/third base and home runs, though.

The percentage rises to no less than 61% of men, though one in ten respondents were part of the “a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell” club and blatantly indicated it was none of our business to know such things.

According to the “largest digital marketplace for new and used cars,” it turns out drivers residing in Sunderland were the nation’s friskiest. No less than 80% admitted to doing the deed (hopefully with protection, always wear protection) in their vehicle. On the other hand, people in Cardiff were inclined towards more traditional use of the car, as just 37% confirmed automotive intimacy with their partner.

By the way, it’s interesting to note that a long-running urban myth got another confirmation of stemming from reality. That's because around two thirds (64%) of British drivers also admitted to being in love with their cars, while an astonishing 22% even claimed they cared more about their four-wheeled possessions than their (not so) significant other.

For the latter, we have just one piece of advice: take a look at Auto Trader’s “top ten sexiest cars” and consider gifting one of them to your partner as a Valentine’s Day present. Then, let’s see how they cope with the other person being more involved with the car.

Of course, the list does contain a few interesting names, with the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Jaguar F-Type, and the classic Aston Martin DB4 occupying the podium. For the rest of the entries into the leaderboard, as well as other interesting statistics compiled by the British company, we invite you to check out the official press release attached below.
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