Brilliant 6th Grader Witnesses Hit And Run, Leaves Hilarious Note at The Scene

Most car owners must have had at least once the displeasure of walking to their car to find it scratched or bumped or even more seriously damaged in a hit and run. The same goes for Andrew Sipowicz from Orchard Park, NY.
NY man finds his car damaged in hit and run, and a note from a 6th grader telling him what happened 5 photos
Photo: Twitter / Andrew Sipowicz
School bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravity
The difference between the other owners and Sipowicz is that he was “lucky” enough to have his car hit by a school bus, which also carried a very smart 6th grader. She saw the whole thing go down so she wrote a note and left it on the damaged car.

Incidents of this kind aren’t only annoying because you find someone else misused your property; they can also be very expensive, because you have to pay for the repairs yourself, since you don’t have the other driver’s insurance details.

That’s why Sipowicz was very grateful for what the little girl did: by telling him who hit his car and offering him all the details he needed to take the matter to the police, she helped him save a few thousand dollars. That’s no small thing, as we’re sure you’ll agree.

You can see her note in Sipowicz’s tweet below. She refused to sign the note with her name, but she did say where she was going to school and in what grade she was, which made it easy to identify her some time later. She also included all the details of the crash, including how it happened and who was responsible for it.

Apparently, the female driver tried to squeeze through but hit his car. She then drove away, perhaps not even realizing that the girl had seen what she did.

“If your wondering what happen to your car. Bus: 449 hit your car,” the note reads. “It stops here everyday to drop me off. At 5:00pm. What Happened? She was trying to pull off and hit the car. She hit and run. She tried to vear over and squeeze threw but couldn’t. She actually squeezed threw. She made a dent and I saw what happened. Sorry. Driver seat left door. A lady in the bus driver seat 999. Buffalo Public School Bus. A 6th grader at Houghten Academy”

Perhaps more hilarious than the girl’s account was the fact that she drew a picture of the bus. She even drew 2 kids at the windows, with one of them apparently screaming in horror. Commenters agree that she actually drew herself, shocked as she was watching the hit and run happen.

Sipowicz says that the girl was found and that “they” (presumably him and the girl’s parents) are working out a way to reward her for her nice gesture.

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