Brabus Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 Races Bugatti Chiron and New E63

The Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 was one of the coolest cars in the world even before they put the AMG before the numbers. But they went and messed it up with a hybrid six-cylinder replacement.
Brabus Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 Races Bugatti Chiron and New E63 3 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Gumbal
Brabus Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 Races Bugatti Chiron and New E63Brabus Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 Races Bugatti Chiron and New E63
Not every luxury car buyer cares about drag racing supercars - we get that. But maybe Mercedes needs to stop thinking about customers with upcoming hip replacements and focus on the cool stuff. Even before there was a YouTube, we knew to respect anything that has Brabus associated with it.

But nowadays, the semi in-house tuner doesn't have much to work with. Gone are the giant 6-liter (approximately) engines they could turn into monsters. I mean, just look at this old-school model from the last generation.

Right out of the box, it's a 5.5-liter powerhouse with its standard twin-turbo setup and potential AWD. However, since Brabus and some unknown turbo specialists are involved, it's got to be making around eight or nine hundred ponies.

The highlight of this video is the Bugatti Chiron. With its 1,500 horsepower, it's more than a match even for tuned cars, so it makes short work of the CLS 63. However, the race is way closer than it would be against the new CLS 53. We're kind of stuck on that thing.

But the video isn't just about the Chiron. Instead, we see a bunch of drag racing heroes, like the McLaren 720S that can shock anything and anybody. Also, the same company that brought the modified four-door coupe had a brand new Mercedes-AMG E63 S on track. Guess which one is faster? Yeah, you're going to have to watch the video and find out.

We have to mention that this is not like your usual races, since the action only really kicks off once the cars go past 50 km/h. After that, they race over the full kilometer, as high-horsepower machines should. It all takes place on the Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany.

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