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BMW Pedals Its Way Into the Future With New i Vision AMBY High-Speed Pedelec Concept

There is a lot of innovation and vision coming from BMW these days and the latest example is the company’s i Vision AMBY high-speed pedelec, presented at the IAA Mobility Show. The electric two-wheeled vehicle is BMW’s attempt to defy categorization.
BMW i Vision AMBY pedelec 10 photos
BMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelecBMW i Vision AMBY pedelec
AMBY stands for adaptive mobility, which is the whole idea behind the flexible pedelec. BMW’s i Vision AMBY vehicle doesn’t want to be just a bike, just as it doesn’t want to be just a motorcycle. It sits somewhere in the middle, being described by the Bavarian manufacturer as a vehicle that occupies the space between a bicycle and a light motorcycle, allowing its riders to decide for themselves how they want to use the two-wheeler, depending on the roads and routes they want to travel on.

The i Vision AMBY can turn from a pedelec into an S-pedelec-type vehicle or a motorcycle, and is aided by geofencing technology in combination with the HERE map service. This technology enables the vehicle to recognize the type of road being used and set the speed mode automatically.

Design-wise, the vehicle has a modern, athletic, and powerful look to it, with a larger frame structure than your regular e-bike. The geometry of the frame makes the BMW i Vision AMBY look like a mixture between a racing bike and a sporty electric one. BMW used the same anodized secondary aluminum as in the main body of its i Vision Circular car.

You can store a laptop bag or backpack in the space between the aluminum profiles of the upper frame tube and your smartphone can be safely and visibly secured with magnets just before the handlebars.

There’s a slim LED strip integrated into the handlebars, as well as a vertical LED light integrated into the seat post, contributing to the modern look of the vehicle. Cables are internally routed and the seat post is electrically adjustable.

The 2,000 Wh battery is positioned in the center of the frame and offers a range of up to 186 miles (300 km), depending on the mode you’re riding in. It takes three hours to fully recharge it.

You have three riding modes available with the BMW i Vision AMBY, with the pedelec boasting a top speed of 37 mph (60 kph). In this mode, the range is lower, at only 47 miles (75 km). This mode is tailored for outside urban areas or multi-lane roads. There is also a mode for cycle tracks, which offers speeds up to 15.5 mph (25 kph) and another one for city-center roads, with a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph). Riders can either select the modes manually or in the mobile app.

The drive unit is located close to the pedals and it only provides assistance when the pedals are being turned.

For a safe, comfortable ride, BMW equipped the 27.5-inch wheels with wide, large tires.

BMW’s specially developed app acts as a traditional vehicle key for the i Vision AMBY, using facial recognition.

While the i Vision AMBY is an innovative concept indeed, we are very interested to find out how soon we can see the pedelec on the roads, so we'll keep you updated.

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