Genius "Speed Limit Increaser" Gives E-Bikes a Boost Without Messing With the Electronics

SPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaser 6 photos
Photo: NLS Components
SPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaserSPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaserSPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaserSPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaserSPEEDi e-bike speed limit increaser
Sometimes you just want a boost in speed when you’re riding your electric bike, but the only way to make that happen is by using your own leg power, which is not a sustainable solution. This gimmick can increase your standard e-bike speed by a factor of 1.5 without messing with the electronics in it.
SPEEDi is the invention of NLS Components, a company from New Zealand and it’s an e-bike "speed limiter increaser." While we don’t condone breaking the law in any way, there are some frustrating speed limits in some parts of the world, such as Europe for instance, where e-bikes are set not to go over 15.5 mph (25 kph). It is a bit absurd when you think about it, given that you can pedal faster than that on regular bikes if you put your muscles to it.

NLS Components does state on its website that it is the customers’ responsibility to check regulations in the country where they want to use the SPEEDi. But even so, it is nice to have a speed booster available, even if, worst-case scenario, you end up enjoying it on off-road rides alone.

To make it easier to understand how SPEEDi works, you should first have an idea of how they normally calculate the speed of an e-bike. In order to measure the speed, they use a magnetic speed sensor which is mounted on the rear wheel. Normally, the e-bike is pre-programmed to a certain maximum speed and when you reach it, the motor simply power cuts out.

What SPEEDi does is make that magnetic sensor spin more slowly, increasing your bike’s limit by approximately 50 percent. As explained on the NLS Components website, SPEEDi uses a mechanical planetary gear system and slows the magnet by a factor of 1.5/1, which means that for every rotation of the magnet, the wheel has gone 1.5 rotations. So, for instance, if your standard speed is 30 kph (18.6 mph), SPEEDi will increase that speed to 45 kph (27.9 mph).

While there are other devices out there that are designed around the 3/1 ratio rather than just 1.5/1, as is the case with SPEEDi, the company justifies itself by claiming its device was intentionally designed like this to be stronger and easier to install/uninstall. Moreover, it is reassuring to know that the device won’t mess around with your bike’s factory specs, such as temperature, battery output, torque output, and power output sensors.

So far, you can order SPEEDi for several e-bike brands such as Specialized, Trek, or Giant, but the company also makes custom ones, so feel free to contact them if your bike is not already on the list. SPEEDi costs approximately U.S. $114, custom version or not.

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