BMW M9 Rendered in the Wild

BMW M9 Rendering 9 photos
Photo: Razvan Radion
BMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the WildBMW M9 Rendered in the Wild
There’s been a lot of talk lately about a possible hybrid between the M and i sub-brands of BMW but in the end, the Germans came out and said it loud and clear: NOT NOW. We get it but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine stuff, right?
Of course not and the latest craze around the internet is rendering stuff. Anything, actually, from a lamp with crazy feet that move to cars that will most likely never become reality. One of them is the M9.

Rumored to come alive somewhere in 2016 as a gift from BMW to its fans on its 100th anniversary, this thing is supposed to be the company’s first proper supercar. They created a lot of great rides over the years but not one of them could ever enter that hard to grasp niche.

Sure, the M1 is a worthy candidate if you place it well into the context of the years it was launched in but even the aura of that car starts to shade away over the years. The worst part about it is that without Lamborghini’s help, BMW would be even further from the supercar niche today.

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people are suggesting BMW makes a proper high-performance model that would take on the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The M9 could be that car.

Rendered here in the wild by Romanian designer Razvan Radion, it looks rather stunning. An evolution of the i8 with a powertrain that would have in excess of 500 HP and more than 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque this thing would be able to keep up with the 458 or maybe even the 488 GTB maybe....

That’s if the lightweight construction of the i8 would be kept along. And why wouldn’t? After all, BMW’s heavy investment in the SGL plant in the US where CFRP is made has to pay out and they could use the material in every car they make from now on.

It certainly sounds good, especially with a proper inline 6 and an electric motor... Too bad it won’t happen too soon. The M2 sounds like BMW’s gift to us for its anniversary but we’re not mad, not at all.
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