BMW M4 GTS Spotted Out Testing a New Rear Wing – Video

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Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
 The rumors surrounding the future BMW M4 GTS or CSL are getting hotter by the day, and it seems like some of them are quite well-founded. Not too long ago we heard that the GTS acronym might be replaced by CSL for the end product but there was no official confirmation yet. However, this video might shed some light on the matter.
As it turns out, the car in the video is the future, more hardcore version of the M4, no matter how it’s going to be called. However, unlike on previous occasions, this time it seems to be sporting an even bigger wing at the back for more downforce at higher speeds. That could point to one or more things.

We already know that the GTS/CSL will be using the new water injection system to cool its turbos, as it was showcased on the new MotoGP M4, and that means it will have seriously more power. How much more? Well, initial sources claimed that it would be anything between the standard 431 HP to 500 HP. However, the bigger wing at the back could suggest an even bigger increase in power.

That’s because the added downforce would be needed at even higher speeds that, in turn, would be achieved thanks to more power. So could this mean that the M car will be getting an output that would rival the M5/M6 models? It’s possible but don’t get your hopes up though.

The thing is, the engineers simply could be re-evaluating their initial take on the car, and that is more than just a possibility. Even so, the future M4 GTS / CSL will be an incredible track tool.

Weight will be drastically reduced by getting rid of anything unnecessary on the track like the rear seats, and even more CFRP will be used, possibly for the front seats. The price tag won’t be all that friendly as we suppose it will easily go over the $100k margin but here’s hoping the production won’t be limited to ludicrously small numbers!

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